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Solace Vapor Nicotine Salts are NOT to be used with Sub-Ohm tanks NOR dripping atomizers. This is not your typical ejuice. These flavors are Nicotine Salts and are strictly meant for low-wattage devices such as the iCare by Eleaf or the Pulse Mod by Limitless Mod Co. flavors are HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for mouth-to-lung devices.

Solace Vapor has spent several years of research to develop a line of ejuices specifically meant for low-wattage devices. Nicotine Salts are very high in nicotine and are an ideal alternative for people who are either looking to stop smoking or curb their nicotine intake. Many users have found that Solace Nicotine salts are an ideal solution that have helped them kick their smoking habit. And that's exactly the reason why vaping was invented in the first place!

From the very beginning, vaping was meant to be a much, much better and healthier alternative to smoking. However, Solace Vapor feels that this philosophy has been lost within the recent years of monumental growth that the vaping industry has experienced. The market has very much turned away from this philosophy and has leaned towards producing mods and eliquids that produce BIG CLOUDS. Rather than helping people to quit smoking, the market is now flooded with brands of ejuice and hardware that have been developed to produce more vapor clouds rather than being focused on getting people to quite smoking. That's not to say that some people haven't managed to quit smoking with these devices and ejuices. But still, the vast majority of vape companies have lost touch with the original philosophy of why electronic cigarettes were invented in the first place. 

Now, Solace Vapor has stepped into the arena and is shaking up the vaping world with a truly distinct line of flavorful, smooth, and high quality line of eliquid with a clear mission goal in mind... STOP SMOKING! The number of tobacco-related deaths in the United States and across the globe is in the millions. It's quite a staggering and sad statistic. But it is a reality that we all must recognize. We at City of Vape and Solace Vapor recognize this reality and will make it our mission goal to help get people to quit smoking. We believe that people should come first.

With great tasting flavors such as Butterscotch, Dragonthol, and Strawberry Hard Candy, Solace Vapor hopes to get you or your loved one to stop smoking.

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