Pod System

POD System also called as pod vapes or ultra-portable systems is one of the ground breaking vape device that provides the kick of high nicotine e-liquids and with that has the easy to use interface and technology. Unlike the regular vape box mods which are highly expensive, these pod devices are fairly lower priced. They are basically designed to give users a cigarette like feel and experience and are generally used for high nicotine strength e-liquids.

These devices are very portable and can easily fit on your side pocket. However, they are not used to blow out huge cloud of smoke rather to get the nicotine hit. 

The systems also holds powerful battery life even though the battery life depends on the device type and built quality.Unlike the regular box mods they do not use the rechargeable 18650 batteries. 

You may ask, 'Do we need to change the coils for these?'. The answer is both Yes and No. For most of the pod devices, you can change the pods like you change the coils for the regular vape once you are done with it. However, with the recently released some of the pod devices like Smok Nord Kit, you have the flexibility to just change the coil. 


Some pod devices come with the pre-filled pods like Phix Kit or Rush Kit and some comes with the refillable pods like Vaperesso Zero Kit or Smok Novo Kit. So it depends on the type. With that, some pod devices are disposable like the Fogg - Disposable Pod Device. That means you can throw the entire device once you finish vaping the liquids out of it.

So summarizing the types:-

1) Pod system with Pre-Filled Pods

2) Pod system with refillable pods

3) Disposable pod system

So, Which one is better? 

It depends. 

Check out below to see more of the pod device's.